In this episode, Tonya & Michael interview a successful mother-daughter real estate team from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Jamie Dorn-Lane and Niki Dorn talk about how their new brand has given them an identity, and made them more memorable.  Even though they’re an independent brokerage, they don’t mind admitting that people don’t really care about their brokerage name, but they LOVE what they stand for.  See why they’re so proud of their personal brand, and why it’s been a complete game changer for them!

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I Have A Shortcut To Success

April 2, 2021

Ron Greenbaum is a successful serial entrepreneur, an award winning CEO, a highly recognizable and trusted personal brand, an author, and a philanthropist.  He’s also known as The Basement Doctor®, a brand that grew from his basement waterproofing company, founded in Columbus, Ohio over 30 years ago.  Ron shares his BrandFace® journey, and a few bold moves that helped him launch and grow numerous businesses and brands, and hire the right people to get the job done. Find out why he says “failure is relative” and hear about the next bold move he’s considering.

Complete & Consistent Branding Package That Rocks

April 2, 2021

Before Kendra Sanders (Kennesaw, Georgia) became a BrandFace, her real estate brand looked different everywhere.  There was no real definition, and no consistency.  Now, she’s excited to have a complete personal branding package that’s consistent across the board.  We were excited to hear her say that the journey was easy, and the process was delivered in bite size pieces. Join Tonya & Michael as they talk with Kendra about her experience during the brand building process, and how she’s infusing her new brand into virtually everything these days.

The Upstream Model with Justin Stoddart

January 27, 2021

Most real estate agents are fishing downstream.  And there are thousands of other agents standing on the same bank casting their lines into the same water.  Justin Stoddart (Think Bigger Real Estate) has written a new book called The Upstream Model, and in it he shares thought provoking ideas and examples of how agents can fish from the head of the stream.  It’s all about positioning with your personal brand in real estate, and we think the ideas are brilliant.

Her Marketing Is Ready For Prime Time

January 27, 2021

Before Cindy Clement from Seattle, Washington became a real estate agent, she had a long standing career in media & marketing.  She knows a thing or two about great marketing and branding presence!  After discovering she had breast cancer just weeks after getting her real estate license, she also knows a thing or two about courage and empowerment.  And that just happens to be the foundation of her brand. Join us this episode and learn how she feels about her new brand, and why she’s excited now that her marketing is polished and ready for prime time!

Fewer Appointments and More Conversions

November 16, 2020

Maryanne Elsaessar (our BrandFace real estate client from Wycoff, New Jersey) knows exactly how to use her incredible team brand, and she’s killing it in her marketing. She has not only embraced her brand completely as a Christie’s International team leader, she is infusing it into everything, including a line of products for resale. She's also going on fewer appointments and converting more! Join us during this episode and find out why she says the outcome was amazing and outperformed anything she ever expected.

Agent vs Broker (Whose Brand Wins?)

October 1, 2020

If you’re a broker and are concerned that your agents are promoting their own personal brand instead of yours, this topic is for you! Likewise, if you’re an agent who is wondering which brand to promote (yours or your brokerage), this is for you as well! In this episode, we tackle the hard questions about brokerage branding vs. personal branding, and cover 4 thought provoking statements that will change your perception of branding altogether.

Never Hear The Word NO The Same Way Again

September 22, 2020

In this episode, we’re going to change how you view the word ‘no’ forever. What does it REALLY mean?  How can you prepare for it and even change the perception AND reality of it when it comes to your business and personal brand? There are actually 3 'no’s' that you need to know.  ‘No’ pun intended.  Join us as we dig into them one by one, giving you motivation and inspiration to see things in a different light.

It Should Have Been The First Piece Of The Puzzle

September 21, 2020

Jill Watson, a real estate agent from Dover, Delaware, knew as soon as she saw one of our videos that she had found her solution.  She had been searching for a way to stand out and attract the customers that were the best fit for her.  She says there wasn’t anything different or special about her approach before, and now she’s so excited about her new personal brand, she’s practically breathing it!  She says BrandFace should have been the first piece of the puzzle, because now that she has completed the program, everything just comes together perfectly.  Find out what has Jill so excited!

4 Things You Experience When Your Brand Is Not Defined

September 1, 2020

Personal Branding?  Who has time for that?? We hear this a lot, and in this episode Tonya & Michael address what can happen when you DON’T take the time to define, develop & display your personal brand FIRST (meaning BEFORE you start marketing).  Are YOU experiencing any of these four pitfalls?