Adam Adams is the Founder of and the creator of the “Podcast on Podcasting”. Today, his show is ranked as the top podcast for (you guessed it) podcasters. His clients are getting ranked in the top 1% on Apple Podcast and other top charts. In this episode, learn why Adam says his early mistake in podcasting was not understanding his avatar, and why he now believes that messaging and branding is what a podcast is all about.

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Trust Begins With Knowing Your Customer

January 19, 2022

Stormie Andrews is an award-winning co-author who created “The World’s Best Buyer Persona System”. In this interview, we discuss the importance of really getting to know your customer. Who exactly is your customer? What do you want to say to them? What’s important to them? What struggles and pain points do they have? Learn how his system helps you get in tune with your customer as he shares tips to outsmart your competition through marketing and brand messaging.

Abundance Is About Connecting The Dots

January 12, 2022

From real estate agent to business coach and host of the Top Listing Agent Show, Chadi Bazzi’s goal is to create a life of abundance in the real estate business by shifting people’s mindset to have everything it takes to get a consistent flow of leads. Learn why he says it’s time to rethink your year and create a strategy that will help you connect all the dots for an abundant life, which is what Chadi’s personal brand is all about.

How Being Blind Has Opened My Eyes To Success

January 5, 2022

Internationally known as The Blind Blogger, Max has gone from blind failed carnival owner to respected equipment broker to self-help author, motivational speaker, online media publicist, and host of his ‘What’s Your Excuse’ podcast. He is a great inspiration and example of how limitations are not an excuse anymore when it comes to finding your purpose. Learn how his blindness gives him an edge and helps others see the true potential within themselves.

Age Doesn’t Matter When You Have a Strong Brand

December 29, 2021

Tyler Wagner has helped countless individuals become globally successful authors. Over a decade ago Tyler founded, a publishing company that helps people write, publish, and market their books. Today, his authors have been seen on The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, INC., USA Today, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, ABC News, The Huffington Post, and more. Find out how his personal brand was the key to building his business at the age of 20, and why he said: "age doesn't matter when you have a strong brand".

Failure Was Key To My Success

December 22, 2021

Alex Sanfilippo started his first business at the age of 10.  He began selling used golf balls in his neighborhood. In his late teens, he launched a technology company that created virtual tours of properties for sale on the MLS, and began investing in real estate himself as soon as he turned 18.  Then the 2007/2008 recession hit. That’s when his Dad helped him get a job at an aerospace company…breaking down boxes and taking out the trash. But he didn’t let that get him down.  Instead, he found passion in that, too, and rose to a senior executive position. All of those experiences (and even failures) led him to his path of entrepreneurship and success today.

My Brand Helps People Trust My Advice

December 20, 2021

Sean Castrina is a serial entrepreneur, having started more than 20 companies over the last 20 years, and still seeks to launch a new venture annually.  He is the author of 4 bestselling business books including 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success, The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World, Developing The Entrepreneur Within and World’s Greatest Business Plan. He hosts one of the most popular business podcasts on the planet- The 10 Minute Entrepreneur.  We had a chance to speak with him about how his personal brand helped to build his businesses.  Learn how he did it, and why he says "making money wasn't that hard...once I created a brand where people trust my advice".


People Are Looking Deeper Into My Brand Now

November 15, 2021

His Dad once told him that he didn’t believe he could sell anything.  And now, he’s making dreams come true all across Charleston, South Carolina doing just that. His brand is all about his sense of purpose and sense of style, and he’s proudly displaying it everywhere.  When asked how he feels about his new brand, he said, “Before, I wanted my brand to be a reflection of me.  And now, it’s who I am”.  Find out why he says people are looking deeper into his brand.

Bold Enough To Speak Naked

October 28, 2021

Sean Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old after his father passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident. He has appeared in productions including Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the musical Ragtime. Tyler is passionate about helping others confidently take the stage and impact an audience with their stories. He is currently the Managing Director of Total Buy In and author of the #1 best-selling book The Power to Speak Naked.  He bears his soul in this interview, and shares what he believes is the worst advice any public speaker can give.

It’s The Journey, Not The Destination

October 5, 2021

Beate Chelette is the Growth Architect and founder of The Women’s Code. A first-generation immigrant who found herself $135,000 in debt as a single parent, Beate bootstrapped her passion for photography into a highly-successful global business and eventually sold it to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal. Learn why she wrote a letter to the President of the United States, and how that led to an event that turned her life and business around. Be inspired by her journey, and learn why your own journey is much more important than the destination.