The world is obsessed with Marvel.  Why?  Because each character has their own story, their own mission, and their own superpower.  Which leads every human being to ask…”what’s MY superpower”?  Well…(lucky for us), that’s exactly what personal branding is about.  It’s about building a shield to get you noticed and keep you protected. So, if you don’t know WHAT your superpower is…or HOW to express that in your brand and marketing, we’ll teach you what Marvel has already figured out!  Tune in and learn how Marvel stays #1 at the box office AND in the hearts and minds of millions across the globe…and more importantly, how YOU can build a personal brand that helps you do the same!

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How To Become a God-Made Millionaire

August 11, 2022

Edwin Carrion has founded several multimillion-dollar companies, but he's a God-made millionaire because his true riches come from his relationships. Edwin has built a rich life where he doesn’t compromise his values or family life to achieve success. His secret? Building a personal brand that exemplifies authenticity and knowledge. With 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Edwin now mentors others and helps them achieve a rich and fulfilling life. Find out how you can also enjoy the true riches of living life to the fullest.

Building Your Brand vs Growing Your Brand

August 8, 2022

To grow your brand, you need to first build it. Building your brand means crafting the right message and image that you want to convey. Growing your brand happens as a result of promoting what you’ve built. But you should know that time is not the main success factor when it comes to growing brands (contrary to popular belief). So what is the main factor that drives the growth of successful brands? Tune in to find out the secret and start setting yourself up for recognition and riches with a successful personal brand. 

How To Find Your Niche and Attract More Customers

August 4, 2022

Cherie Harrington had a brand message that wasn’t aligned with how she wanted to define herself. She thought that focusing on a niche would hurt her business by only attracting a specific type of customer, but she quickly found out how untrue that was! Working with BrandFace has helped Cherie successfully redefine her luxury brand and reach her perfect customers. Focusing on her niche has helped her attract more customers and land listings (very quickly after completing her brand) totaling millions of dollars. 

Get Branded and Get Booked

August 1, 2022

Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, author, or other expert looking to get booked for speaking or podcast interviews? If you’ve struggled to get bookings, the problem may lie in how you’re presenting yourself. We’re sharing with you some important branding elements that you need to meet before you will have a successful brand that showcases the person behind your business and gets you noticed. Tune in to hear how to create a personal brand that’ll get you booked for more appearances.

How To Perfect Your Brand Messaging on Google Search

July 27, 2022

Jason Barnard is an author and digital marketing consultant who specializes in Brand Search Engine Results Pages (Brand SERPs). He helps brand managers upskill in SEO and marketing techniques to optimize their brand’s presence on Google. Jason states that Google’s search results about you says a lot about your personal brand. His company Kalicube helps brand managers to communicate with Google’s algorithm and make those results a perfect reflection of their brand message. Tune in to hear how to effectively present your brand message on Google search:

The Secret Sauce of Personal Branding

July 26, 2022

You’ve seen people with amazing personal brands. They stand out.  They’re recognizable and memorable.  They’re clear and purposeful. So, you ask yourself…what’s the secret sauce?? How can YOUR brand stand out, too?  In this episode, we unveil that secret sauce so you can build a brand that gets noticed by the right people for the right reasons, and gets you to your goals!

How To Craft Presentations That Engage and Inspire

July 21, 2022

Peter George is a public speaking coach and trainer who helps professionals all over the world become calm, confident, and credible public speakers. Growing up with a lisp and a stutter, Peter quickly realized he needed to improve his presentation skills to succeed in the business world. After seeking help for himself, he now uses his expertise to teach those in Fortune 100 companies to develop into better speakers. Tune in to hear how he transforms fear of public speaking into one of excitement.

3 Famous Personal Brands in Coaching and Why They’re Famous

July 18, 2022

You've heard their names, seen their faces, and followed them for years. But what is it that makes them so famous? We're talking about 3 of the most famous personal brands in the coaching world. Learn why they're the most recognizable and successful, and how that can help you understand your own personal brand and journey to become top of mind in your industry.

How To Influence Outcomes With Your Actions

July 14, 2022

Daniel Mangena is a business owner and coach who uses his “Beyond Intention Paradigm” system to help others discover their unique role in life. He’s also the author of four books about living your dream and host of the “Do It With Dan” podcast series. Daniel has created a personal brand that focuses on achieving outcomes through actions. To him, changing your mindset shifts your thinking about yourself — but it’s your behaviors and habits that actually change your life. Tune in to learn about his transformation from misery to celebration.