Tired of seeing the same real estate signs, business cards, and postcards? Cindy Jamison was, too. She knew she had to stand out in the ultra competitive market among the lakes of Minnesota. Before BrandFace, she was frustrated with graphic designers and all of her marketing materials. And now she not only has a bold new brand…she’s opening her own brokerage. She talks about how the BrandFace process was ‘amazingly easy’, and calls it the best investment she’s made in her future.

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Joe Girard: An Extraordinary Story During Economic Crisis

September 1, 2020

In this episode, Michael shares the extraordinary story of car salesman Joe Girard. Joe's famous BrandFace style statement is..."I never sold a car in my life. I only sold Joe Girard." It's an inspiring story about Extraordinary Effort in Extraordinary Times, and how your personal brand can differentiate you and help you stand out among your competitors, even in an economic downturn.

Stop Starving Inside Your Sphere

August 31, 2020

You’ve heard that your sphere of influence paves the road to success in real estate. That’s partly true. In this episode we talk about why so many agents starve inside their sphere, and what it takes to reinforce that sphere...and GROW it.

Making Personal Branding Turnkey And Painless

August 19, 2020

Our clients all over the globe have this in common…they simply want FREEDOM.  In this episode, we share 5 Ways Your Personal Brand Gives You Freedom. After all, if you love what you do, and your clients love you, you’ll never work another day in your life. If freedom is important to you, don't miss this inspiring episode that reminds you why you got into real estate in the first place, and how to preserve your autonomy and freedom!

She’s Young And BOLD With Her Brand

July 7, 2020

She's young…and she’s BOLD. And now, her brand shows it. In this episode, we interview American Dream Agent®, Sydney Peck. Sydney is actually an agent with Michael Carr & Associates, and started working with Michael at the age of 17. Today, she manages several national accounts and company divisions, as well as her own bank of business as a real estate professional. Learn why she’s ecstatic about her new brand, and how it’s changed everything from her outlook to her marketing.

This Real Estate Agent No Longer Has To Compete

July 7, 2020

Leslie Smith from New Orleans, Louisiana, admits that she no longer competes when it comes to real estate. With her new personal brand, she’s doing her own thing, and headed in her own direction. Not only does it give her incredible confidence, she says BrandFace has helped her understand how she wants to be seen. It’s also given her the boldness to do her own videos, something she says she would never have done before. And it’s already bringing her ideal customers right to her door.

Your Brand Is Like A Book

July 7, 2020

There are two common myths about building a personal brand. The first is that you have to put everything about yourself on every piece of communication. The second is that it takes too long to build your brand. We say NONSENSE to both. Your brand is like a book. It’s designed to be UNVEILED...page by page and chapter by chapter. And it CAN be built much faster than you think. Learn the three FACTS you need to know about building your brand, and how to make sure your customers eagerly turn the pages of YOUR book.

Will You Be Bitter…or BETTER?

June 23, 2020

The difference between 'bitter' and 'better'...is just one letter.  How do you stay motivated and inspired to fulfill your dreams when there is a feeling of uncertainty all around you?  The things that are happening in the world right now may be a 'first' in some ways, but it's not the first time we have faced adversity.  And it's DEFINITELY not the last.  Tonya & Michael will discuss "5 Ways To Remember You're Better", an inspirational reminder we all need so we can keep our eye on the prize.

Her New Brand Got Attention Right Away

June 8, 2020

Susan Sparks Watt from Ardmore, Oklahoma has some exciting news about her new personal brand.  Right after completing our BrandFace program, she ran an ad in her local high school football program, and at least 50 people mentioned her brand at the next game!  It's brought her business, and she encourages business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate agents & brokers to take a leap of faith and join the BrandFace movement.  And one more thing you need to know.  She didn’t want to do this video interview.  Tune in to find out why!

6 Ways You Know Your Personal Brand Is Working

June 8, 2020

How do you know when your personal brand is working for you?  Beyond the obvious results of getting more clients and making more money in real estate, there are 6 ways you can tell it’s doing the job.  If your personal brand is defined, developed and displayed properly, you should be seeing results in at least one of these six categories.